Snippy begins to creak into motion

Snippy begins to creak into motion.
I've started some serious thinking about Snippy design. Current ideas
are visible on the Snippy features page. All comments welcome.I've
written more complicated web applications before. I've solved harder
information design problems before. It still looks like a lot of
work.I've decided to rethink my choice of Python as the development
language, mostly because it is a royal pain as a template scripting
language. Alas, non-imaginary downside to significant whitespace. I
don't know what the other serious contenders are, though. Java is out:
all the hassle with none of the flexibility. Don't make me laugh at you
by suggesting Perl. Ruby is a contender, annoying and tasteless though
it is. Python is still on the consideration list as well. Oddball
choices like Groovy might be fun, but not really practical. I could do
something like a PHP front end to a Python server, but I did that for
my last web application. Has its downsides. David of course suggested
C++, but I'd like to finish the project sometime in the next year.The
quality of the available libraries will probably make the decision for
me. I'll want a web server component and some kind of object store
component. [Ceejbot]

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