Eclipse IDE for Laszlo

Eclipse IDE for Laszlo.

So the folks at IBM liked Laszlo so much, they threw out Flex and decided to go and build an IDE for Laszlo – without Laszlo having to raise one finger. They liked it so much, they did it all on their own.

I can't think of a better testament to a technology and development team. Congrats to the dudes and dudesses at Laszlo Systems.

So now with Laszlo being open source, anybody can go get a copy of eclipse (which
is also open source) and set themselevs up with this incredible
development environment – to spit out all sorts of sexy, web based apps
and services utilizing object oriented multimedia toolbox calls.

Laszlo is what we were trying to build at Kalieda Labs. We called it
ScriptX and it failed. It never happened. And Laszlo has fulfilled
ScriptX's destiny.

I can feel the momentum rising.

Think about what that means?

IBM Laszlo – what happens when great multimedia authoring tools get
wed to web services and broadband connections? What happens when
legends of enterprise wonks start hacking constrained rubber banded
rollover based drag and drop menus and sroll bars that update in
real-time across distributed networks of XML rivers of flow?

Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to the present.  

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