Skype Stats

Skype Stats.

An update on Skype's P2P voice over IP service, courtesy of Jeff Clavier:

* 13M+ users registered
* 1M+ simultaneous users reached for the first time a couple of weeks ago
* 2,384,686,217 minutes served, as I type this – i.e almost 2.4 billion
minutes. Just to put things in perspective: Vonage has 170,000
customers and passed the billion minutes mark sometime in 2004
* 295,000 users have signed for SkypeOut (Skype has a goal of 5% conversion from the free service to SkypeOut)

If you haven't tried Skype, you should. The sound quality is
surprisingly good, even though it uses peer-to-peer connections over
the public Internet. They just announced availability of the Skype API,
which will let developers build new applications and functionality on
top of the platform.

I was originally dismissive of Skype, because it was free, private,
and software-only. But I now thing it's a bigger deal than people
realize. It's an example of how VOIP is changing the game in telecom,
not just allowing in new competitors. [Werblog]

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