EPRI report

EPRI report on a smart power upgrade to the US system. It would also help against a system attack by global guerrillas.

“According to the latest edition of the Electricity Technology
Roadmap that was spearheaded by EPRI in collaboration with many other
groups, the societal benefits of upgrading the transmission
infrastructure will far outweigh the costs. A truly smart power system,
it says, would include automated capabilities to optimize performance,
anticipate problems and be self-healing.

“Development and full
deployment of a modern 'smart' electricity system in the U.S. would
cost the average household less than $5 per month,” says Kurt Yeager,
CEO of EPRI. “This cost could be offset many times over by immediate
reliability and efficiency improvements. In fact, modernizing the
electricity infrastructure could translate into at least $3 trillion
per year in additional U.S. GDP by 2025.”
[John Robb's Weblog]

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