A-Z Indexes for Web Sites: Usage and Implementation

A-Z Indexes for Web Sites: Usage and Implementation.

What’s the level of interest among information architects and web developers in implementing A-Z indexes on their sites?

Why don’t we see more indexes? I attempted to answer this question in a posting an essay to IA-WIKI Web Site Indexes, although I have not yet received any comments there.

My sense is that even if information architects are interested in
implementing A-Z indexes, they do not have the time, inclination, or
skills to do it themselves (unless they are former librarians who had
taken a course in indexing). Indexing is similar, yet distinct enough
from category or taxonomy development to require specific training or
study from a course or book. Yet information architects might not even
know where to find contract indexers.

As indexing is a very established profession, it is probably easier
for people who create web sites to look up indexers, than for indexers
to try to target people creating web sites. Most indexers belong to the
professional associations of their country, which maintain searchable
online directories of subscribing members and contract job posting

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