More on the Debate

More on the Debate.

OK, I do have more to say on Bush, Kerry and the debate.

Thursday night, we got to see the real George W. Bush: a small man
who requires excessive handling, out of touch with the American people
and out of touch with reality. Most of the time he stayed within the
confines of the simple talking points he'd been given, repeating them
to the point of absurdity; when he dared to stray, we clearly saw the
smug, stubborn arrogance and over-simplistic thought processes that
have served him so well in his overprivileged life and career. I don't
sleep well at night knowing that this is the guy with the nuclear codes
at his disposal.

Kerry certainly has his faults, as does anyone ambitious enough to
want to be President, but what came across loud and clear is that he
has a firm grasp on reality.

I'm voting for the guy who understands the reality of the world that the Bush administration has created: John Kerry.

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