Medbloggers. From an article entitled Doctor offers opinions on the Net, from the Nashua Telegraph, reprinted in yesterday's Keene Sentinel:

Like most doctors, Kevin Pho keeps a busy schedule. But when he gets a
break in the middle of the day or after he has finished seeing
patients, he likes to log in to his Internet diary.

Pho's oasis is his Web log (, a place to express his opinions, clarify his thinking, or argue a side in any number of debates on current medical topics.

It is also part of a small, but growing, trend: medical blogs
where doctors or other health care professionals vent their
frustrations, summarize key points in new studies, or correct
distortions that find their way into the popular media.

Pho says there are an estimated 100 medical blogs nationwide
and few, if any others besides his, in New Hampshire. But he says the
trend, which began several years ago, is gaining steam. His blog, for
example, attracts 200 visitors daily — both patients and colleagues. [Nashua Telegraph]

From the get-go, I knew that blogging was bound to disrupt information
monopolies not only in IT and politics, but in other realms too. Now it
appears that the medical blogosphere, something I've long expected, is
finally emerging. [Jon's Radio]

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