RSS Screen Saver for Libraries!

Screen Saver for Libraries!

Express RSS Screen Saver Starter Kit

of my favorite features of C# Express is the built-in
RSS Screen saver Starter Kit. If you’ve never built a screensaver
before, or if you have never written code that uses RSS, then you’ll
find the RSS Screen saver a great way to start programming.

a nutshell, the RSS Screen saver is a screen saver that
lets you select and validate an RSS feed, select a background directory
for images to loop through, and the screensaver will loop through the
items in the RSS feed.” [Dan
Fernandez's Blog
, via]

not enough of a programmer to run with this one, but this
could be a very cool tool for libraries. Imagine being able to display
your current news on your workstations via the screensaver in real-time
without any manual intervention. Just update your “what's new” blog
and it magically appears on all of your workstations. Major, major woot
with a happy dance thrown in for good measure! [The Shifted

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