My Recent 5 by 5 Post on Legal Technology

My Recent 5 by 5 Post on Legal Technology.

Matt “the [non]billable hour” Homann
periodically runs a feature on his blog called “Five by Five” that
features five experts answering a thought-provoking question. I
recently participated with legal tech experts Ron Friedmann, Jerry
Lawson, Jeff Beard and Kevin Heller in a Five by Five on “What five new technologies should all lawyers incorpoate into their practices, but probably won't?”

I've reproduced my answer below:

There is a certain sense of resignation in the question that, as the
eternal technology optimist, I’m unwilling to accept. On the other
hand, lawyers are notoriously late adopters of technology. I put
together my first document assembly application for drafting wills in
1990 and document assembly is still treated as a new development by
many lawyers. . . .

The Product List.

I got to thinking that Matt might have meant products. Here are five
that should be on every lawyer’s list in today’s legal world.

1. CaseMap 5 (if you are a litigator).
2. Microsoft Office 2003.
3. Adobe Acrobat 6.
4. Tablet PC (or notebook) with WiFi and OneNote.
5. FeedDemon or news aggregator of choice.


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