OneNote Virtual Printer PowerToy

OneNote Virtual Printer PowerToy.

I love OneNote and have grown dependent on it. However, one of my
biggest complaints has been the lack of a virtual printer. (See my
previous article Three Missing Features in OneNote.)

Unlike Windows Journal, GoBinder, or TabletPlanner, there's not been
an easy way to get an external document into OneNote. The
recently-released SP1
of OneNote added the ability to import some Microsoft Office documents.
However, that left me with cumbersome workarounds for documents like
PDFs, Web pages, etc. Until now.

Fortunately, Darron Devlin has just released a new OneNote PowerToy he calls The OneNote Image Writer PowerToy.

I downloaded it and installed it in about three minutes. Man, is it
slick—and fast! I printed a ten-page PDF into OneNote in less than five
seconds. Amazing!

If I sound enthusiastic about this PowerToy, I am. This fixes two of
my three complaints about OneNote. The only thing I still want is the
ability to insert user-friendly hyperlinks. Hopefully, someone will
develop a PowerToy for this as well. [Working Smart]

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