What we learn from the Convention blogging

What we learn from the Convention blogging.
I've just posted an essay with some of my thoughts two days into the
Convention. I discuss the differences between normal blogging and event
blogging, blogging's role, some problems we're seeing, etc.

Read “What we learn from the Convention blogging“.

A few other observations that don't fit in the essay:

At least one “real” journalist who was exposed to what is going on with
the Convention blogging, Larry Magid, was pushed over the edge enough
to start his own blog. See “LarrysWorld Blog“.
This is quite fitting, since Larry has filed a few CBS Radio reports
about Convention blogging, as reported by David Weinberger (and
reproduced by Larry on his main page).

More local flavor to share: As a Boston area resident, when
Barak Obama said he is of Kenyan ancestry, that had a very special
meaning to me. To many, that may mean poor and third-world. To Boston,
it means champion. The Kenyans have dominated the Boston Marathon for
well over a decade with 10 different men winning, and the Boston
Marathon is very dear to our hearts, as I've written before. If only he
had also mentioned the fact that he's a Harvard Law graduate, too…

I've been talking to various friends who are getting into the
Convention or spending time near their homes nearby. It's the talk of
the town and very exciting. So many stories. I've read, and heard,
about friendly security people. I've heard that others involved with
the Convention went through very specific “friendliness” training, and
it sounds like it may have paid off. We should learn from this for all
of our Homeland Security needs. [Dan Bricklin's Log]

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