Korea broadband changes

Korea broadband changes. Korea broadband changes: “Matt
Renck is spoiled. Ever since moving here to teach English two years
ago, Renck has had a high-speed Internet connection of 8 megabits per
second–only about average for a South Korean apartment, but nearly
eight times the typical broadband speed in U.S. households… For
Americans, almost none of whom have access to speeds that Renck and
many South Koreans take for granted, this difference is jarring. The
United States considers itself the center of technological innovation,
yet South Korea has gone considerably further….”
CNET carries an
article describing how habits change when everyone has very fast
connectivity, all the time. Video is much cheaper than hard delivery. A
connection replaces many book-learning situations. Gaming has gotten
bigger. Online shopping is about twice per-capita the US. One of the
nice things about ever-cheapening technology is that, for those who
wait, leapfrogging is possible. [JD on MX]

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