Microsoft to Enforce Antispam Plan

Microsoft to Enforce Antispam Plan.
“Microsoft will soon put some bite into its Sender ID antispam plans.
The software giant will check e-mail messages sent to its Hotmail, MSN,
and mail accounts to see if they come from valid e-mail
servers, as identified by the Sender ID…

The company is strongly urging e-mail providers and
Internet service providers to publish, by mid-September, Sender Policy
Framework records that identify their e-mail servers in the domain name
system. Microsoft will begin matching the source of inbound e-mail to
the Internet Protocol addresses of e-mail servers listed in that
sending domain's SPF record by October 1.

Messages that fail the check will not be rejected but will
be further scrutinized and filtered, says Craig Spiezle, director of
Microsoft's Safety Technology and Strategy Group.”

IDG News Service Report  [MS Exchange Blog]

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