GG TECHNOLOGY: Secure P2P Communication

GG TECHNOLOGY: Secure P2P Communication. Here's a trend in technology that will provide Global Guerrillas with a
nearly zero cost global communications system with military level
encryption. Secure (encrypted) P2P (desktop to desktop communication)
is on the rise due to the legal onslaught of the Recording Industry
Association of America (RIAA) on open file sharing networks. New
software of this type is in development almost everywhere you look. An
example is Kdrive from the
creators of eDonkey (an open P2P network that has over 2 m active users
at any one time). It includes file sharing and chat (although voice is
possible later on). Here's the download of the beta Windows version with a GUI. It uses a two layer distributed security managment system.
One layer is generated the group manager (admin) and the second is
built by the two desktops that want to connect. The result is a system
is secure for person to person communication. The distributed
management system means that if the central company is shut down by
legal pressure, the network will continue to operate via any admin that
runs the software. The plethora of software providers
in this space, as well as the ease of installation, will make it
possible for GG's to stay ahead of slow moving government law
enforcement.  [Global Guerrillas]

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