Postcard from the Future (and It Includes RSS)

Postcard from the Future (and It Includes RSS).

A Brief Message about Why My TiVo and Treo, Rule 

“This is the confirmation email I received from TiVo after I:

  • Heard that Michael Moore was going to be on 60 Minutes
  • Was miles from home and wished I could somehow schedule my TiVo to record this show
  • Turned to my trusty Treo 600, and pointed the browser to Tivo Central Online to sign-in and schedule this recording
  • Return home to find 60 Minutes recorded perfectly per my request.

I know I live in the future a bit, being an early adopter and all, but the future is grand – and highly recommended.” [shellen dot com, via buzzmachine]

I'm going to start using that last line everywhere! I'll have to try to use my Treo 600 to access MyReplayTV to see if I can schedule a recording on one of my ReplayTVs!

Tangent: check out this great quote from Jeff Jarvis:

“Feeding me — sending me any kind of content anytime anywhere on any device — is the promise of this medium in an ever-connected world and RSS will be at the core of that. This is just the beginning.”

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?  😉

Interestingly, I was interviewed by a reporter this morning for a Redeye article about RSS. Let's hope this is the first sign of a clue over at the Tribune Company!  [The Shifted Librarian]

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