Have It Your Way

Have It Your Way.

Great job for somebody

“In another time and place, this would have been my dream job.” [rc3.org Daily]

I can see why, as LJ World does some a-mazing stuff online (check out the Little League Cell Phone Updates!). But check out the customize link next to the XML button on Adrian Holovaty's site.

“Want to syndicate my blog's content? Want to use a personal aggregator to read it? You're in luck. I've set up an RSS system that's limited only by your imagination….

My custom feeds include the headline, full text and permalink from the 5 latest entries that include a word or phrase of your choosing. This lets you filter which Holovaty.com content you get.

To access a custom feed, use the URL convention holovaty.com/rss/filterstring, where “filterstring” is the word or phrase you want to require in each entry. To separate words, use the ASCII space character %20 or just a plus sign (+). You can also require an exact phrase by using putting double quote marks around it.”

Google News and every major newspaper ought to emulate this setup. Today.  [The Shifted Librarian]

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