NYT.  New book by the former CIA manager of the “bin Laden station” says the US is losing the war on terrorism.

“U.S. leaders refuse to accept the obvious,” the officer writes. “We are fighting a worldwide Islamic insurgency — not criminality or terrorism — and our policy and procedures have failed to make more than a modest dent in enemy forces.”

“There is nothing that bin Laden could have hoped for more than the American invasion and occupation of Iraq,” he writes.  See global guerrillas for more on this.

“After the next attack,” he adds, “misled Americans and their elected representatives will rightly demand the heads of intelligence-community leaders; that heads did not roll after 11 September is perhaps our most grievous post-attack error.”

I concur with these statements.  Over time, it won't just be Islamicists we are fighting. [John Robb's Weblog]

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