The W in Seattle

The W in Seattle.

Last night, my wife surprised me with a night at the W in downtown Seattle as a late birthday present.

The W is currently my favorite hotel by far. I spent a little time last night thinking about why.

It's not because they have a “living room” rather than a lounge.

It's not because there's house (or trance (or drum and base (or something like that))) music playing in the elevators.

It's not because the rooms have really clean design.

It's because the experience is consistent. Somebody took the time to think about the whole hotel experience, and make it as smooth as possible. Even down the “do I want the sheets washed” sign, which is a wheel that lets you set it to whatever you want.

I appreciate that level of thought.

We had dinner at Cutters, a great place for seafood.

This morning after breakfast we walked over to the new Seattle Library. Nice building, but the neon green is too jarring.  [Eric Gunnerson's C# Compendium]

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