Knowledge competencies

Knowledge competencies

What skills and abilities are needed to make KM work?

1) Wrestle with the meaning of knowledge until you feel & understand it.

2) Walk your talk with knowledge practices, share, search, structure, make meaning, learn, seek connections, teach & collaborate.

3) Understand the dynamics of knowledge through participation and engagement, validation of claims, practice deep dialog, hold you identity in check, exchange and suspend judgment, help others to understand, build prototypes, make clear distinctions

4) Work with the available tools and systems, compile yellow pages, assist with gathering customer insights, collect and value idea exchange, craft patterns, share insights.

5) Appreciate KM is all about people, their trust, respect, recognition and motivations, lead by example, have empathy, share, give and help.

6) Reflect in community on ways to work with knowledge (representations, inference, connectivity, access, virtual spaces, awareness)


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