Change Your Linksys WRT54G Admin Password Right Now!

Change Your Linksys WRT54G Admin Password Right Now!. Tech consultant discovers that Linksys WRT54G allows remote, over-the-Internet administration login even when remote management is turned off: Because all broadband gateway vendors ship their equipment with default passwords like public or admin, this vulnerability is moderately critical according to the Secunia security consultants. An automated attack could scan millions of home broadband network addresses and feed them the WRT54G Web login sequence. With remote administrative access, the most that could happen is vandalism: the Linksys doesn't provide tools via its Web interface for packet sniffing, but someone could corrupt the setup and lock a user out by changing the password, requiring a hard reset. Also, Linksys' Web form appears to send the WEP or WPA password as hidden password text in a Web form, but that text is unencrypted in the HTML source, which can easily be viewed. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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