Spam Panic and Rescue:  The New Life Style

Spam Panic and Rescue:  The New Life Style

I've been using a spam filter for the last month or so (that could scarcely be news), but it's about the 13th or 14th one I've tried and the first one that I like and feel I can rely on. 

So imagine my panic when I returned from a one-day briefing to discover that it had turned itself off and that I had 1183 unfiltered messages in my Inbox. 

I managed to re-activate the spam filter (it wanted my registration number), and then asked it (not with a lot of confidence) to filter my mailbox.  I hid in a Word file, writing, hoping for magic.

That's what I got.  In less than half an hour, when I took a cautious peek at my Inbox, all had been restored to pristine order.  I had 203 filtered messages in my Inbox, about 100 messages to be reviewed, and the rest had been dumped into the Blocked file (which I no longer bother reading, since I've discovered that I never find anything I want there).  I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Think of this as a thank you note to Roger Matus of In-Boxer, whose clever spam filter with its Bayesian technology finally gets it right.  [amywohl News]

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