Realistic Argument for Broadband Access

Realistic Argument for Broadband Access. While many communities around the country vaguely hope that wireless networks will bring business to town, this Indiana town has some very real reasons for wanting broadband: Scottsburg, Ind. couldn't get any kind of broadband access from the incumbents so it spent $350,000 to build a wireless broadband network. The network equipment comes from Alvarion, which means that it's probably proprietary gear based on 802.11. The network has a very tangible economic affect on the town. Apparently, Chrysler promised to shut down the local Chrysler repair shop, which employs 60 people, if they couldn't get fast Internet access. Other local workers who telecommute threatened to move if they couldn’t get high-speed Internet access. Plus, the school system is saving a bundle with the new service. This Indiana town most certainly isn't alone in wanting broadband but failing to get it from the incumbents. While we already see lots of wireless ISPs serving these small markets, clearly they aren't serving every community that wants broadband. Perhaps WiMax will drive down prices enough to encourage WISPs to build out in more small towns…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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