Why Content Management (& KM) Fails

Why Content Management (& KM) Fails. Jeffrey Veen at Adaptive Path discusses why content management endeavors fail. With respect to web site content, many organizations complain that their sites are “woefully out of date, growing out of control, and generally a complete mess. Almost unanimously, these companies have chosen to solve the problem by handing it to their IT departments.” However, the business units don't want to ask for IT help for every little change, so they turn to content management. According to Veen, Jupiter Research found that “[o]f just under 100 companies … only 27 percent of companies surveyed planned to continue using their Web content management systems as they do now.” So Veen asks: “So why do these CMS projects almost always fail?” The answer is not surprising, and it reminds me of an old Pogo comic strip: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Content management and knowledge management are people-driven systems, not technology-driven. Technology can aid us, but we can't just slap a new program on the system and expect people will change their long-ingrained work patterns… [LAWTECH GURU BLOG by Jeff Beard] Sounds like they need Manila. [Scott Young's Radio Weblog]

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