Librarians Take on sxsw

Librarians Take on sxsw.

David Weinberger blogged today's librarian panel at sxsw, and it makes for very interesting reading. My first thought is how sad it is that Jon Udell was included on it. Well, not that he was included on it per se, but rather because it points out quite starkly that he's never gotten any similar recognition from libraries or librarians.

I'd like to officially encourage the folks behind the Internet Librarian conference and/or the Computers in Libraries conference (and any other conference) to invite Jon to give a presentation at the next event. Don't you think it's time we 1) officially recognize him for his contributions, 2) start hearing more from the outside world in general, and 3) ask to hear more from a library user who did something to our catalogs that we didn't do on our own and then made it available to the whole world?

I pointed at the screen when I read Dinah's comment, “Could libraries become a magazine, aggregating local sites?” Luckily, no one was around when I literally yelled, “RSS!!!!”

In addition, Liz's comments confirm my theory that the emerging topic in libraryland is social networking. It was the undercurrent buzz at CIL, rightly so.  [The Shifted Librarian]

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