Another desktop search dud

Another desktop search dudOnFolio.

I'm a little more forgiving than Marc about the choice of building a desktop application. But I would pickup and echo his point 2 because we've seen this tool before. I've played with it for a few minutes and 2 questions leap out at me:

  • What on earth possessed them to integrated so closely with IE? I hate IE and never use it. Straight away this product alienates me. Don't you care about other browser users?
  • Is it anything more than a fancy bookmarks application? How does it add value to my research? How do I make links between items? How do I track what has changed? Where are the clever value-adds? The reports feature is nice, but only if I'm prepared to invest time in building the collections. I see nothing to compel me to make that investment.
    • In short this appears to be YAICDSP (Yet Another Ill Conceived Desktop Search Product). Frankly, despite the neglect it has been shown, Personal Brain remains a vastly superior organiser. And some dedicated users have created an XML export option which could be used to duplicate OnFolio's meagre publishing abilities.  [Curiouser and curiouser!]

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