Dept. Of Homeland Security Chooses Groove, P2P

  • Slashdot | Dept. Of Homeland Security Chooses Groove, P2P.

    Ryan Barrett writes “Groove Networks has announced that their P2P infrastructure will power the Homeland Security Information Network, an initiative to increase information sharing between federal, state, and local intelligence agencies. (The initiative doesn't give the govt. more information, it just helps agencies better share the information they already have.) Groove Workspace has also been certified with two govt. security standards, FIPS 140-2 level 1 and NIAP CCITSE. In related news, Groove's developers have been diagnosed with acronym whiplash.”

    I coulda sworn taht the RIAA and the MPAA had proved that only criminals and pirates used P2P !! smiley

    [Privacy Digest]

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