Jeremy Allaire just blogged a new product – called OnFolio.

It helps you keep track of on-line blah blah blah.  I have a few questions first:

  • If it's about on-line blah blah blah – then why do I have to download anything?
  • Whatever happened to RIAs? 
  • Whatever happened to the new generation of apps and servcies that reside in the browser?
  • Have these folks ever heard of Laszlo?  Has Jeremy (who's firm – General Catalyst have an investment in Laszlo) ever told OnFolio about Laszlo?

I'm just not into trial versions of downlaoded software anymore.  That's oh so 90's.

Today there's no excuse why folks can't provide basic functionality, with limited capacity or features (for instance) for FREE – and then AFTER you've provided me with some value – I'd consider giving you some money.

But get the order straight:

  1. – no downloads – get Laszlo
  2. – deliver value
  3. – then I consider paying…..

[Marc's Voice]

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