More Ideas for RSS from Library Catalogs

More Ideas for RSS from Library Catalogs.

an RSS feed I want

“I want to be able to view the books I have

  • checked out
  • placed on hold

for all the libraries to which I belong. This would require some authentication, but I suspect that’s not a showstopper.

As it stands now, to check the books I have out (20-30 per week/library visit cycle), I have to:

  • login to the library’s website/authenticate
  • request a listing from my account,
  • and then write down the names (printing them would be wasteful).

Why not an RSS feed? Then I can just call out the names and let my little bookworms go gather them.

I shouldn’t grumble: my two local1 libraries2 already do so many things right (they have websites, of course, but also allow you to query their databases, order books, request purchases, etc., including emailing you when ordered books come in).” [cloudy, chance of sun breaks]

Isn't it too bad that the vendors aren't in on these discussions? I hope to contact Innovative to jumpstart discussions soon, but I'll just note that I did talk to someone at CIL who works for a major ILS vendor and who said, “Oh, we can do that. We will do that.”

So all of you other vendors better get your butts in gear.  [The Shifted Librarian]

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