Ithaca ISP Adds Hotspots

Ithaca ISP Adds Hotspots. Ithaca, NY, LightLink adds hotspots to its wireless mix: LightLink provides a multi-mile wireless link to my friend, colleague, and co-author Adam Engst, with whom I wrote The Wireless Networking Starter Kit. LightLink is providing free Wi-Fi equipment to qualifying locations, and will offer both free and paid access. Guests who are not LightLink subscribers (either to home, business, or the hotspot service itself) will have email and Web (port 80 only) access. Subscribers receive full access to all ports, so they can run VPNs and other software. It's a nice model that's being pursued by Telerama in Pittsburgh in which the hotspot market is of nominal value to the ISP as a pure revenue stream, but rather reinforces their ability to sign up more lucrative and steady fixed wired (DSL, etc.) or wireless customers…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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