BitTorrent + RSS = TiVo

BitTorrent + RSS = TiVoA great idea over at is the combination of two technologies that would enable him to keep up on TV programs he likes, without needing to even own a TV. BitTorrent allows you to share the downloading of large files with thousands of other people that have the file but there's no easy way to search for new torrent files. RSS is a summary file for sites that can let you know when a site or page has updated automatically when using a RSS reader.

If BitTorrent sites used RSS, you could essentially have much of the functionality of TiVo (“Give me all new episodes of Six Feet Under this year”) on your personal computer, without the need for television. Of course, the legal issues around this type of technology would kind of make it impossible to do for very long, but it's perhaps a glimpse into the future of where entertainment could be going.  [PVRblog]

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