ColdFusion Powered Flex?

ColdFusion Powered Flex?. Lots of the impromptu chats I have been having here at MAX have been focused on Flex, and specifically how it relates to ColdFusion. So, no, Flex is not a ColdFusion killer, it is not even a ColdFusion competitor. The truth is that I don't think we've done an adequate job yet of articulating the ColdFusion / Flex relationship, this should be addressed shortly though (and in all fairness, Flex is not even in beta yet). But … at it's simplest, Flex relies on back-end server technologies for transactions and business logic and processes, and ColdFusion is a great option there. Think of it this way, CFCs for your business layer, CFM files use those CFCs to generate HTML, Flex uses those CFCs to generate SWF. It's that simple. [Ben Forta's Blog]

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