Blackstone Sneak Peaks

Blackstone Sneak Peaks. We hosted a “sneak peak” session yesterday afternoon here at MAX, engineers from all the product teams (in bee costumes, don't ask) used the opportunity to showcase cool stuff they were working on (stuff that may, or may not) make it into future products. Mike Nimer presented for the ColdFusion team, and without question, his sneaks got the greatest applause. Mike showed two different works-in-progress: 1) He showed a tag, the old (and rather despised) grid applet, and then changed an attribute so that the grid rendered in Flash. He also showed form fields associated with the grid, creating groups, tab dialogs, and more. His entire demo was actually using Flex internally, and served to demonstrate the potential afforded by ColdFusion+Flex. 2) He also showed an HTML page, complete with styles used for formatting. He then changed the document type to “PDF” and, yep, generated a PDF on-the-fly (complete with headers and footers and column headers and more). And the crowed loved it. Of course, as Paul and Norm both reminded us several times, the sneaks are prototypes and works-in-progress, and are not commitments to specific features or implementations. Still, fun stuff! [Ben Forta's Blog]

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