Because he opens his mouth and words come out.

Because he opens his mouth and words come out.. I had the dubious pleasure today of listening to the speech by George Bush described as the keynote speech to his visit over here

I have to say I cannot work out how this man got elected to anything, he is a terrible speaker! I spent the first half wondering why he was periodically sneering at the audience, before realising this was his idea of projecting warmth!

With respect to the content I can only say this:

I cannot remember ever before hearing so many noble sentiments, wrapped in such powerful rhetoric and so completely devoid of substance or principle. I think what summed it up for me was this gem:

“The poor need democracy to defend themselves against corrupt elites.”

The very fact that lightning did not pour from the sky and incinerate the entire hall is, for me, a final proof of the non-existance of God.  [Curiouser and curiouser!]

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