Updated brushed metal guidelines

Updated brushed metal guidelines. As reported by Michael Tsai, Apple has updated the Human Interface Guidelines on the issue of metal windows. It is now suggested that any window that “provides a source list to navigate information—for example, iTunes or the Finder” can be a metal window.

The first thing I think of is that NetNewsWire could then use a metal window, since it provides a source list.

The second thing I think is: no way.

The guidelines also say, “Don’t use the brushed metal look indiscriminately. Although it works well for some types of applications, some applications appear too heavy when using this look.”

I would rewrite that to say: “Don’t use the brushed metal look at all. Although some applications (such as iTunes and the Finder) use it, they all look too heavy when using this look.”

Intelligent people may disagree, of course. (And so I point to Unsanity’s Metallifizer.) [inessential.com]

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