Companies Poised to Spend as Security Issues are Solved

Companies Poised to Spend as Security Issues are Solved. Businesses becoming more convinced the Wi-Fi security problem solved or nearly so: This article rounds up the last couple of years of security concerns about Wi-Fi and notes that they're all wrapped up with WPA and the coming 802.11i. With 802.1X combined with revised encryption algorithms, corporate managers should be spending more money and fast. I've heard again and again from companies how they've kept wireless deployments small and manageable until they felt they had a handle on all the issues. The figure cited in the article, that 57 percent of companies surveyed had Wi-Fi networks, hides the fact that many of those companies might be using it as a test or in small areas. These same companies could turn around and buy hundreds of access points if they feel they can combine security and ubiquity…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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