Phil Windley | Weblog Business Strategies: Michael Gartenberg

Phil Windley | Weblog Business Strategies: Michael Gartenberg. Quote: “Adam talks about the barriers to entry with CMS systems. Boy is that ever true. We tried to put a CMS system in place in Utah and I think its still not off the ground. Its difficult to get the use cases right, difficult to train people, and requires a lot of money (more than its worth, perhaps). About the same time, I started playing around with Radio because it was a personal CMS. We'd have been better off to just buy Manila for $1000 and get people used to the idea of content management. When you're in a big organization, there's a temptation to do things big, even if you ought to start small. That's a tough lesson to learn.”

Comment:An interesting comment that is very true for some specific projects I can think of.  It also applies to some work I'm doing now at my college. [Serious Instructional Technology]

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