Nick Bradbury is at it again

Nick Bradbury is at it again.  I just learned about Nick Bradbury's latest project, FeedDemon, an RSS news aggregator.  Nick's work in the web development tools space has been pioneering, with HomeSite being the most popular HTML text-editor ever released, and TopStyle, the standard productivity tool for CSS editing.  Versions of both HomeSite and TopStyle are included with Dreamweaver MX.  (Interesting side-note: HomeSite is what brought Allaire and Macromedia together in the first place — Kevin Lynch was looking to partner with the leading HTML editor vendor (Allaire, as we had recently brought on Nick and HomeSite).

I'm really excited to be using a Nick Bradbury product again!  This is Nick's first attempt at what I'll call an end-user personal productivty tool (e.g. the kind of stuff that only Microsoft is supposed to be able to build because of their dominance with Office).  [Jeremy Allaire's Radio]

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