Jon Udell is really smart

Jon Udell is really smart.

 Jon Udell at OSCOM -> bitflux  -> Jon Udell just finished …

Jon Udell during his keynote. See his slides here. Btw it was a really cool keynote. Unfortunately we didn't have time for discussion.


  • Technologist see systems from the inside out, users see them from the outside in.
  • Publishing sensibility vs. engineering sensibility. The irony: publishing is engineering.
  • Brent's “Law of CMS URLs”: the more expensive the CMS, the crappier the URLs.
  • Weblogs are the first publishing medium truly of and for the Web
  • The art of hypertextual writing is still stuck in 1995.
  • A huge opportunity for a lightweight, Web-aware writing tool that integrates easily in CMS
  • Tim Bray: “what I consider to be the central lesson of the World Wide Web, the “View Source” lesson”. (Grade school translation: Sharing is Good.)
  • People also spend a huge amount of time refactoring “in the small”
  • How will normal, non-emacs-using people write the semantic web?
  • It's still way too hard to write the Web in a rich way.

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Jon Udell is really smart.  I really enjoy not only reading what he has to say, but learning from him – as well.  [Marc's Voice]

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