Reading IT’s mind

Reading IT’s mind –
While the media may highlight the IT exploits of world-class companies like Wal-Mart and FedEx, in order to understand the current position of the technology sector, it may be more instructive to look at what’s happening in “middle America.” After all, the “bleeding edge” developments at high-profile companies are “about as relevant to the IT masses as NBA superstars are to the multitudes of wannabe pro hoopsters.” Using off-the-shelf technology, many companies are able to take advantage of operational efficiencies, minimize downtime, increase storage utilization rates, and improve overall business performance. Moreover, many of the “gotta haves” touted by IT vendors may be too complex, too unwieldy and simply too expensive for the standard company. The bottom line: tech executives need to be “realistic” about how to deliver “superior IT services to their companies.” [Via Corante e-business]

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