WebOutliner in Vienna

WebOutliner in Vienna. WebOutliner and Other New Tools.

Marc Barrot is demonstrating the extraordinary WebOutliner at the BlogTalk conference. It's one of several new tools in a BOF session, and they're worth a posting all their own.

The potential for this thing is significant, even if outlining is not a native notion to most folks.

Paolo Valdemarin and Matt Mower are describing an aggregator application called “k-collectors,” designed to bring together various kinds of topics and postings. It works with Radio Userland today and will be ported to other blogs.

It shows suggested topics based on the user's postings (and new topics), with checkboxes that automatically create or add to the topics as the posting is published. Then the topics can be shared among members of groups. (I'm not describing this well.) Then the users can be synchronized through an OPML-based “topic-roll” that resembles a blogroll. [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]

[Marc's Voice]

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