Here come the tribes

Here come the tribes. Teen Tribes.

Interesting stuff … and quite global in its depictions.  Check out the descriptions for each … you just might start understanding your neighbour's child better …. A picture named Indie Kids.jpgA picture named rude boys.jpgA picture named Pop Princess.jpg

A picture named Nu Metallers.jpgA picture named clubbers.jpgA picture named soulstrels.jpg






A picture named Goths.jpgTribal Alliances. When Teenage Tribes Attack Which tribe do you (or your kids) belong to? As a new parent, this kind of stuff alternately makes me giggle and keeps my pop-culture critical faculty in business (and it's good to know that Siouxsie & the Banshees still have some audience). Somehow I can't imagine a US media outlet exposing its unhip side in the Post-Grunge Hoax media environment. But kudos for the tidy design, in any case. [MetaFilter]

A picture named DM3.jpg[Conversations with Dina]

I've been waiting to find something totally cool from Dina Mehta – our Indian blogosphere soical software correspondant.  

Here it is.  Tribes is a right way to think about social cliques.  My 12 year old son just died his hair blond (ala Eminem) so I'm a Gen ICQ dad in training.

[Marc's Voice]

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