Microsoft Beefs Up Wi-Fi Security in XP

Microsoft Beefs Up Wi-Fi Security in XP. Microsoft releases a free XP download with support for Wi-Fi Protected Access, an alternative to the WEP protocol. [Internet Product News]

Yahoo News

Yahoo News – Most IT Experts Do Not Trust Microsoft. SEATTLE (Reuters) – Three-fourths of computer software security experts at major companies surveyed by Forrester Research Inc. (Nasdaq:FORR – news) do not think Microsoft Corp.'s (Nasdaq:MSFT – news) products are secure, the technology research company said on Monday. While 77 percent of respondents in the… Continue reading Yahoo News

Summit Summing

Summit Summing. Boxes and Arrows sums up this year's IA Summit with a superbly detailed, collective trip report. [Mark Bernstein]

How Google runs its engineering

How Google runs its engineering. Here's a fascinating article in Fast Company about how Google is run. It has some very non-standard engineering management practices, which are working out pretty well for it: When Rosing started at Google in 2001, “we had management in engineering. And the structure was tending to tell people, No, you… Continue reading How Google runs its engineering

The Da Vinci Code: the review

The Da Vinci Code: the review. Everybody likes a good conspiracy theory: shadowy secret organization holds some incredibly important information and/or wields vast power over most of the world's governmental organizationsmost of the world's governmental organizations … [Nobody Knows Anything]

Intranet Portals: A Tool Metaphor for Corporate Information

Useit.Com: Intranet Portals: A Tool Metaphor for Corporate Information. Most importantly, at all the companies we studied, the key issues in building a good intranet portal were political and organizational — not technical. Basically, buying software won't get you a good portal unless you also manage internal company politics. [Tomalak's Realm]


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