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Yahoo NewsMost IT Experts Do Not Trust Microsoft.

SEATTLE (Reuters) – Three-fourths of computer software security experts at major companies surveyed by Forrester Research Inc. (Nasdaq:FORR – news) do not think Microsoft Corp.'s (Nasdaq:MSFT – news) products are secure, the technology research company said on Monday.

While 77 percent of respondents in the information technology (IT) field said security was a top concern when using Windows, 89 percent still use the software for sensitive applications, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Forrester said in a report titled “Can Microsoft Be Secure?”

The survey polled 35 software security experts at $1 billion companies.

Forrester analyst Laura Koetzle said that “too few firms are taking responsibility for securing their Windows systems.”

Koetzle said that 40 percent of firms were not planning to make security improvements themselves and that only 59 percent of those who suffered security attacks have made changes to the way they use Microsoft software.

Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, launched a company-wide initiative over a year ago to make its software more secure and trustworthy in the face of attacks that targeted the vulnerability and wide reach of its software.  [Privacy Digest]

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