Look what Don Norman hath wrought! Information appliances!

Look what Don Norman hath wrought! Information appliances!.

Philips iPronto Does It with Linux [Slashdot]

In addition to providing a traditional infrared interface, the iPronto also implements Wi-Fi (802.11b) wireless connectivity and even an Ethernet port for LAN or broadband Internet access. There's also a USB port as well as an MMC/SD card slot for connecting to other devices (digital cameras?) and numerous other expansion and upgrade purposes.

The iPronto's “customizable” graphical user interface consists of a “high-resolution” 6.4-inch touchscreen LCD, along with a group of stylish control buttons. The device also has a built-in microphone and stereo speakers which Philips says will allow users to listen to MP3s streamed from the Internet (and, presumably, from other home systems via some sort of home network), and which may some day enable futuristic uses such as voice recognition and IP telephony. [LinuxDevices]

$1,700 seems like a bit much for this device, but if this is what the Linux desktop looks like – then cool!  Where's the hard drive – why shouldn't this be a Wifi server as well?

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