ENT Solution #3

ENT Solution #3. myRadio supports ENT 1.0. My supports

Announcing the release of ENT 1.0 (Easy News Topics) support in myRadio. One of the stated goals of ENT is to “represent topics sufficiently that they be useful in enabling smart aggregators (e.g. filtering, recombining feeds, etc…)”. RSS+ENT feeds can be filtered in myRadio, by selecting topics of interest.

Available topics for a feed are those seen by the aggregator, in the RSS feed. That list will grow in time. Later, myRadio will support topicRolls for this purpose. Future features may also include recombining feeds according to topic.

Update myRadio.root in RU, or download the latest here. Configure using the “Edit Topics” link in the myRadio navigation bar. Please contact me with any feedback, suggestions, and bug reports.

Currently, the only known feeds supporting ENT 1.0 are Curiouser and curiouser and Topic Exchange. ENT enabled feeds should increase greatly when liveTopics 1.3.3 is released. [Brain Off]

I have loved MyRadio since the moment I found out about it.  It is a crucial part of my blogging experience.  [Marc's Voice]

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