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Tog's got answers. Bruce Tognazzini (Tog) on Apple….

Bruce Tognazzini (Tog) on Apple Squandering the Advantage, on interface innovations Apple could make. Lists extra screen objects including: Piles (stacks of documents); visual cues on folders; various object/application collections.  [Interconnected]

Lots of great ideas enclosed.

Bruce is one of the grand old men of User Interface – and a member of the Neilson Norman Group.  It's clear that he's been thinking (and probably festering) on these issues – for years.  But that doesn't mean these ideas will ever happen – by Apple.

But ALL of these ideas can be applied in an RIA (rich internet application) environment, in a cross-platform kind of way.  We don't have to be dependent upon Apple or Microsoft anymore.  That's ONE of the benefits of RIAs.  [Marc's Voice]

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