OPML is the way to go

OPML is the way to go. Synchronicity.

Jon Udell has posted the topic for his keynote talk at OSCOM. Perhaps I'll talk about OPML and directories. I want to zero in on something we can all do together to move Content Management forward. I want to see OPML directory renderers in all environments, not just UserLand's. What better place to spread the gospel than OSCOM? Maybe we can come out of the conference with a revolution in our pockets? That would make me happy. [Scripting News]

The way topics and types are currently distributed within ENT1.0 applications is OPML. Our own centralized aggregator will automatically create directories of posts using Types and Topics and, guess what? That directory is based on OPML and can be edited using a Radio tool. Until now we had always simply used OPML because it made sense within our internal structure, it was not our intention to make the directory available to others in OPML format. But techically speaking it would be very easy to do and if this would contribute to the development of all directories it would be great to do it. [Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo's Weblog]

We're using OPML as the file format for our WebOutliner and future designs.  It's exactly the interchange standard we all should be rallying behind.  Notetaker supports OPML and so does blogrolling.com.  And now that there are other RSS 2.0 namespace extensions appearing, it looks like more and more that OPML is the right way to go – not only for directories – but also for media playlists, topicrolls, digital lifestyles, new kinds of communitiies, etc.  [Marc's Voice]

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