City Scan: Connecticut's Civic Smart Mobs

City Scan: Connecticut's Civic Smart Mobs. In City Scan projects, citizens prioritize desired improvements to the physical environment of their community and gather information on how well government services deliver results. On city streets, residents (from age 14 through 70) collect data about neighborhood conditions (e.g graffiti, potholes) with handheld computers, custom-designed software, wireless modems, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receivers and digital cameras.

City Scan prepares powerful reports and maps using the visual database created from the data. Neighborhood groups and local government officials use these reports discuss problems and potential solutions.

Local officials need to deliver city services on a limited budget, create satisfied customers by providing high value to voters and manage staff who provide city services. City Scan helps meet these needs by assisting citizens in deciding what their priorities are and allowing city officials to focus their efforts on the areas of most concern, creating a higher return on investment.

City Scan increases citizen involvement in government, by improving communication between citizens and local officials about community priorities. The visual database of local conditions created through the City Scan process is used to facilitate agreements among city officials and citizens on how to best address the conditions. Residents also use these maps and reports to follow-up on local officials’ promises to remedy these conditions. [Smart Mobs]

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