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How do we win the peace in Iraq?  We need to help and not just with money.  It can also not only be self-help.  Where are the hordes of educational experts, health experts, (non-exploitive) business experts, agricultural experts, etc.. ready to enter Iraq after the war is over?  Why are we only willing to send oil experts, american corporations working on contract, and ex-military managers?  We need a Peace-Corps on steroids — not kids that are straight out of college (which is almost the equivalent of useless), but smart and experienced people that want to make a difference.  Remember, Iraqi oil revenues aren't even close to dealing with the costs of this (not only are the oil revenues paltry — 0.03% of US GNP — but Saddam has run up a huge national debt buying weapons).  The US is in this up to the eyeballs financially in this venture.  We declared war on this country and it is our responsibility to them and to our long-term financial future to help them succeed. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

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