Save the Florida State Library!

Save the Florida State Library!.

Bush: Agency Merger Would Save Millions

“Gov. Jeb Bush's proposed merger of the Department of State and Department of Community Affairs would cut 218 positions and save the state $20.7 million, Bush said Tuesday….

In addition, some programs will be transferred to other state agencies, and one – the Florida State Library – would be eliminated….

'This is an effort to bring together like programs,' said Department of Community Affairs spokeswoman Alia Faraj. 'This will be not so much telling communities what to do as providing them with the assistance they need to do what they need to do….'

Some services proposed for transfer in the merger:

  • Custodian of State Records, Records Management and Archives to the Department of Management Services.
  • Florida State Library collections to Florida State University. The division of state libraries would be eliminated.

Spokeswomen for both libraries and environmental protection worry that consumer access to both government records and government regulators is going to be hurt by the merger.” [Tallahassee Democrat, via]

This may not be “telling communities what to do,” but it sure will limit the support network for community libraries, which will mean additional cuts, reductions in resources, and a smaller world for each community. This is taking away assistance, not providing it. If you live in Florida, you need to contact your legislators and Governor Bush and tell them that Florida can't afford to be without a state library.  [The Shifted Librarian]

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